Education and public outreach

I'm passionate about communicating the science that I do beyond the walls of academia, through whatever opportunities for education and public outreach that arise.  This is some of what I have contributed...


On our local cross-country in freezing conditions: CHEK news section
TEDx Victoria: [talk online soon]. Photos


Habitable zone Discussion of Rushby et al. paper with Nature.

Runaway Greenhouse: Lots of interviews about my Nature Geoscience paper with new calculations on the runaway greenhouse. Coverage (* for those who I gave interviews with, generally the better articles...):
Scientific magazines: Scientific American*, New Scientist*, National Geographic*
Broadcast Media: CTV*, CFAX 1070 (feature interview)*, BBC World service #1*, BBC World Service #2*
Print/web news: NBC News*, Times Colonist*, Mother Jones*, Christian Science Monitor*, Independent, University Herald,
Blogs: Science 2.0,
Social media: Reddit #1, Reddit #2,

~ Hiatus ~

Preservation of the record between 2009 and July 2013 was poor. further geological investigation (using sections from a variety of email accounts may reveal this record in the future.

Education, general talks etc.

NASA Night at Ohlone College

General astrobiology talk to a standing-room-only 400 seat auditorium at Ohlone College, a community college in Freemont, CA (event website). 10 Dec 2009.

Space Week at the Tech

Talks to museum visitors, both children and adults, during the San Jose Tech Museum Space Week. 22 July 2009.

NASA Digital Learning Network

Broadcast seminar to high school and middle school students. 1 April 2009 (DLN site, video)  and 16 June 2009 (for Choctaw Nation Jones Acadamy). 


My research work has been covered in various print and broadcast media:

The Eons of Chaos and Hades

The Economist (html)
New York Times: Schotts Vocab blog (html)
Popsci (html)

Early Earth Nitrogen

New York Times: Opinionator blog (html)
New Scientist (html)
Nature News (html)

Great Oxidation

Nature Podcast (mp3) (html transcript)
New Scientist (html)
The Times (html)
NRC Handelsblad (jpeg)
German Public Radio
UEA ENV Research highlights (html)