Postdoc opportunity, 2016

Postdoc on clouds and deep palaeoclimate, University of Victoria, British Columbia. 

I’m seeking a postdoc to work on physically motivated, testable hypotheses for how clouds will have changed Earth’s energy balance in deep palaeoclimate problems. Here is the problem: the solar constant has increased thirty percent over Earth history, but paradoxically, glacial climates (like now) are somewhat rare. Many aspects of the (palaeo)climate system were different: greenhouse gas inventories were higher, surface pressure was different (but we don’t know how), ozone only made an appearance half way though Earth’s lifetime and the planet spun faster. A rather different energy budget is called for, with less solar heating of the surface, more back-radiation, lower latent heat flux and (one might guess) different tropospheric stability. Parameter space exploration shows the leverage that clouds can have (doi:10.5194/cp-7-203-2011), but now the time has come to study the problem systematically in more capable models. 

You have (or will soon have) a PhD in atmospheric science or similar, with experience running general circulation models, cloud resolving models or other useful tool to this problem. You want to work on a fun problem that will make you think outside the box of modern climate. You want to develop your own ideas about deep palaeoclimate, atmospheric evolution or astrobiology (which you can have time to work on). Stipend of $45,000 for a two-year term. Victoria is the provincial capital of BC. Our campus is a 15 minute walk from the beach, in a beautiful coastal/mountain environment in the Pacific Northwest.

Contact Colin Goldblatt (czg@uvic.ca) to apply. Send a one page letter about telling me why you are interested and what makes you qualified, your CV and the contact details of two people who will write references for you, all in one pdf file. Do this by April 6th 2016 for full consideration (open until I find someone awesome!). Information on what else happens in my group is at www.colingoldblatt.net.​