Research Group

Tyler Robinson

Postdoc: Ty Robinson

I co-supervise Ty, who is based at the University of Washington, working on the runaway greenhouse. Ty was the first PhD graduate of the UW Astrobiology program (joint with Astronomy).
Ben Johnson

PhD student: Ben Johnson

Ben has come to the group with a Masters in Geology from the University of Utah. Ben is probably going to be working on the evolution of the geological nitrogen cycle.



MSc student: Brendan Byrne

Brendan is a graduate of the UVic joint SEOS/Physics degree in Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics. He is calculating radiative forcings for a wide variety of greenhouse gases for application to deep palaeoclimate and extreme climate change. Now: PhD student. U. Toronto.


Honours student: Lucas Kavenagh

Recently, Som et al. (Nature, 2012) calculated Archean surface pressure from raindrop imprints preserved in 2.7 billion year old volcanic ash. Lucas is conducting esperiments with simulated rain to examine whether the transfer function that Som et al. used is robust - and whether this is a viable palaeobarometer. Now: MSc student, McGill. 

Prospective students / postdocs

Please get in touch if you are interested in working with me! My publication list will probably be the best guide to the kind of work that I am doing.
Upper level undergraduates: There are possibilities for SOES Honours projects (EOS499A/B) and summer students, and occasional workstyudy positions. Projects could be connected with my main research on the evolution of Earth and planetary atmospheres, or more general meteorology/climate (e.g. connected with the Victoria Schools Weather Network).
Grad students: Say why you are interested in working with me and enclose a copy of you CV and transcript. Funding is generally easier for students with an A- or higher average in the final two years of classes. Departmental information is here.
Postdocs: Get in touch...