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I teach EOS 340 (Atmospheric Science) and EOS 260 (Earth System Evolution) at UVic, both in the spring term. 


Some old material from UEA:

Matlab for research

I taught this CSED course jointly with Paul Dodd in 2008.

Course materials:

ENV 3A11 / M531 Geophysical Modelling

I was lab demonstrator (teaching assistant) for Ian Renfrew’s Geophysical Modelling course for 2005/06 and 2006/07. Responsibilities included assisting students in lab classes and helping supervise projects.

Other demonstrating

Demonstrated for various practical classes from: ENV-1A01 Introduction to Environmental Sciences, ENV-2A23 Meteorology, ENV-2A6Y Physical Oceanography and marked coursework for ENV-1A74 Atmosphere and Oceans
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