I teach the EOS 260 Earth System Evolution and EOS 460 Earth System Science in the School of Earth and Ocean Science at the University of Victoria. I have previously taught EOS 340 Atmospheric Science

Both EOS 260 and 460 are required classes in our BSc Earth Sciences, and elective classes in our plethora of joint programs.

UVic Students: Schedules are available on Calendar via the above links. During the class, we will use Coursespaces actively - you will be enrolled in the class Coursespaces page when you enroll in the course. 

EOS 260 Earth System Evolution

Introduces the inherently interdisciplinary field of “Earth System Science” by studying how Earth has evolved throughout its history. Focus is on processes which link components of the Earth system and feedbacks which may alternately keep conditions on Earth stable or cause major change. The course includes study of some major events in Earth history (examples may include snowball Earth, mass extinctions, superplume events).

EOS 460 Earth System Science

An examination of the interrelationships between the complex systems operating in the solid Earth, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere; methods of systems analysis for the planet; modelling of global processes.