Info for prospectives

tl;dr: if you are interested in research with me, get in touch and let me know why you are interested, and include your CV/transcript.


Including research in your degree is a great way to deepen your academic expereince! I can accept students at UVic through the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, and also the Department of Physics and Astronomy. A very common route is a summer project supported throught the USRA or SURA programs (application due in January), often leading into an Honours project. Typically, I'm looking for computer literate (some programming expereince) and numerate students. Please feel free to get in touch, including your unofficial transcript and your CV, and let me know more about what you are interested in.

Grad students

If you are interested in a graduate research degree (masters or phd), and you think that I might be the right supervisor for you, please get in touch! When you do that, it's really important that you let me know why you think you might be interested in working with me. Tell me a bit about yourself, what motivates you, and why it is that you are contacting me. Please include your CV and transcript. Typically, its best to get in touch in the fall to start the following September, but variation from that can work too.

Funding is typically easier for students with an A- average or higher, and for Canadians, but supporting well-motivated international students is possible. If you have funding leads, of course let me know.

All profs get daily/weekly emails from students writing to every prof in the department/universe, perhaps with some copied-and-pasted information, and that is basically spam: it isn't effective.

Postdocs, visiting students, etc

Same as the above advice: get in touch with your CV/transcript, let me know why this would be a good idea, and if you have any funding leads!